50 Cent Brushes off Critics

With the release of his fourth studio album, 50 Cent has found himself in an unfamiliar position.

These days, the rap behemoth, who has sold 30 million albums worldwide since 2003’s landmark Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, has had to answer to lackluster sales of his latest release Before I Self Destruct. The much-hyped project, which debuted with 160,000 copies this past November, represents a career low for the Queens rapper.

Yet, 50, who has never held his tongue when it came to proclaiming his commercial dominance over rival MCs, is philosophical about such criticism.

“I think it’s a natural thing,” 50 Cent told VIBE of his detractors. “I’ve watched other artists in the history of entertainment. The industry builds entertainers up in order to destroy them. People think I should be uncomfortable. Every obstacle possible has been placed in front of me, and I’m talking about before I even take off from day one. The pressure that they are applying is minimized in my head. They want to see my out of control.”

Indeed, 50 Cent is not letting talk of his impending demise slow him down. In addition to releasing Before I Self Destruct and film of the same name, he is set to shoot the urban weapons drama Gun with veteran actor Val Kilmer. “I’ve accomplished so much from where I come from that it’s impossible for you to take my smile away from me,” muses 50. ––Keith Murphy

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