Amazon’s Mistake Results In Widespread Leakage of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth

The Amazon mix-up, which leaked Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album six weeks before it was slated to drop, has resulted in digital copies being pirated across the web.

Just days after the online retailer mailed out pre-order copies of the new Weezy album to customers, digital versions of all 14 tracks have spread across the net, popping up on rap blogs and file-sharing sites in the past 48 hours.

The album began showing up in the mail to customers on Monday (Dec. 14), despite a change in the street date from December 21 to February 1.

It was the sixth time, the album had been pushed back. found out this week that around 500 pre-order copies of Rebirth were shipped out by mistake.

The Young Money camp finally addressed the leakage, via a Twitter update from the label’s president Mack Maine (@MackMaine), explaining that a new version would be released next year.

“Leaked 09 Rebirth isn’t going to be 2010 Rebirth,” Mack Maine wrote in a re-tweeted remark by Young Money rep, Karen Civil (@KarenCivil).

While further details were unknown, it’s likely Weezy will head back into the studio to record new material for the upcoming album, or even include tracks already in the vaults, yet-to-be-released.

If this will further push Rebirth to a later date is yet-to-be determined.