Cross Section: Lupe Fiasco Enemy Of The State: A Love Story

Yes, it often takes many moons to decipher Lupe Fiasco’s lyrics but in the end it’s more rewarding than a gold star. Liberated on Thanksgiving, his new mixtape Enemy of the State: A Love Story is the usual boasting of lyrical skills complete with me vs. them contrasts (“I am Patrick Swayze, you are Whoopi Goldberg). Although it’s not one of his best free efforts (check his earlier joints), Lupe’s been AWOL for a while and returns with a download-worthy set of new verses. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire mixtape–or if listening to Lupe sounds like homework to you–download or stream “Angels” (a rhyme over the Dirty Money song) and “Popular Demand” to get the gist of it. Example: “Made man, you can call this cleaning up / I’m OCD, I never think it’s clean enough / That’s what defines me, I never think it’s mean enough / Lines deeper than those waiting on a sneaker ’cause / You gon’ need two heads like the King of Clubs / Just to figure out the meaning of.” Rest in peace to wackness. –Clover Hope

Download “Angels”

Download “Popular Demand”