Diddy Rides For New Year’s Eve Party People

When it comes to drunkards making it home safe this New Year’s Eve, consider Diddy a designated driver.

After a successful run last year, the music mogul has teamed up with Ciroc Vodka for another Safe Rides program, which provides transportation in New York for those hammered after celebrating New Years Eve. For the first time, the program is being offered in Las Vegas.

According to Ciroc reps, Diddy and crew is planning to issue $15 pre-paid taxi cards to individuals, and a one-way $2.25 MTA cards. The cards will be distributed between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. In Las Vegas, taxi cards will be handed out outside major clubs and intersections.

“As the ‘Official Vodka of New Year’s Eve,’ we made a huge impact last year helping New York get home safely,” Diddy said. “So I’m proud to announce that we’re bringing Safe Rides back in an even bigger way. By bringing this program to both of these great cities we will continue to show the rest of the country that a sophisticated holiday celebration doesn’t end when the ball drops, but when everyone gets home safely.” –Linda Hobbs

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