Fighting 40/40 Club Bouncers Told to Bounce

The bouncers involved in the brawl outside Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Atlantic City earlier this month, have all been fired.

According to the pink-slipped bouncers, several feel like they were fired wrongfully. Couri Glen, the former supervisor of security at the club, said the bouncers were swung on first after attempting to escort out a group of men who were accused of groping women inside the club. Glen claims his security team did not provoke the attack, which was leaked on video in early December.

When the fight occurred, a rep for the club told TMZ, “We can’t comment on the fight. We are doing our own investigation in addition to the police investigation. It’s really in the hands of the police at this point. The 40/40 club has never had anything like this happen before and we take the safety of our patrons seriously.” –Linda Hobbs