Freeze Tag: #Tipisfree

He’s not completely home free yet, but after receiving an early release from the Arkansas Forrest City prison to a halfway house, T.I. got love on Twitter yesterday (Dec. 22) and continuing into today. Welcome (almost) home, Tip.


@blaazingstarr #tipisfree white people think #tipisfree is about leaving a tip or giving advice…smdh get it together 

@GailKimGroupie #tipisfree ? I had bowel movements that lasted longer than TI lasted in Jail 8

@MrFiLlUpBaNkZz now we done wasted this time on the #tipisfree shit and the nigga not even free he at the halfway house he still aint all the way out

@ForeverBronson #tipisfree which means that lightskin niggaz have the advantage once again sighs…#freewesleysnipes

@DamHesFresh #tipisfree & the parents of Balloon Boy are headed to Jail! They should’ve taught him that lying is ok as long as it keeps u outa jail!

@erica_msamerica i hope now that #tipisfree he has a new movie in the works bc im kinda tired of atl

@EddieGentleman Oh so t.i iz in a halfway house…….so he at least he halfway dere…..doesnt matter #tipisfree 

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