Game Recognize Game: Ron Artest Helps Tiger Woods Rebound

Everyone’s a prophet these days when it comes to Tiger Woods. But who would think Ron Artest could be the most poignant of all?

In an open letter to Woods posted on his personal blog, Artest waxes: “I can tell you are a stand-up guy. You made a mistake and you admitted your infidelity. I have made the same mistakes. Before I got married, I had a baby with another young lady, after I already had two by my girlfriend. Please remember only Jesus is perfect.”

All Ron-Ron’s soul-bearing revelations come only days after he admitted to once drinking Hennessey during the half of games, and are part of what Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson deems as a larger effort by the controversial star to “eradicate what’s been a marked career.”

Back in 2004, Artest was slapped with one of the stiffest fines in NBA history after he rushed the stands at The Palace of Auburn Hills to scrap with Detroit Pistons fans. The memories of all that fallout seem to have remained with Artest.

“Sometimes I might want to go to a bar or club and be one of the fellas,” Artest writes to Woods. “But most of the time I stay in, I cannot sit here and say the thought to have many women has never crossed my mind. If I were Jesus I could.”

As for all the critics, Artest adds: “I have been disturbed by this because there are many people who are happy that this bad news has come out. There are a lot of sports announcers who are not perfect in their own homes, yet they want to bring you down. You have done so much for people, the sport of golf, and your family. And as your fan, I can’t wait to see you golf again.”

So amazing. In a time of all this uncertainty and insanity, leave it to Ron Artest to make sense of everything. –Glenn Minnis