Game Recognizes Game: Between Dwight And Wrong

Talk about baby mama drama.

Orlando Magic seven-foot star center Dwight Howard is shooting down a report claiming he recently sued the mother of his two-year-old son for nearly $10 million on charges she’s been defaming him as being less than a stand-up dad across various Internet sites.

“This is on TMZ?” Howard asked an Orlando Sentinel reporter about allegations he hasn’t seen his son, Braylon, in more than two months. “I just saw my son in Atlanta on Thanksgiving. I see my son. I don’t know what you’re talking about. “

Nonetheless, TMZ maintains the self-proclaimed Superman filed suit in Orange County, Ca. recently naming Royce Lyndsay Reed as the defendant over comments she made at In direct violation of a court injunction prohibiting her from speaking about him, the suit alleges Reed used an alias to pen such lowball comments as:

“[Dwight] hasn’t seen his son in two months.”

“Why file an injunction if you have nothing to hide?”

“But the bottom line is Dwight is a douchebag.”

Through her attorney, Reed has denied all involvement. –Glenn Minnis