Jim Jones Plans Mixtape Based Around NY Drug Kingpin Rich Porter

It’s been months since he dropped Pray IV Reign, but Jim Jones is ready to get back into the swing of things, musically that is.

In a recent interview with Complex, the Harlem rapper revealed that he’s planning a follow-up to his Nicky Barnes-themed Harlem’s American Gangster mixtape with a new one on legendary uptown drug kingpin Rich Porter.

It’s titled The Ghost of Rich Porter, and he’s been working on it for months now, he says.

“It started as a mixtape for the street,” Jones told Complex. “I’ve been working on it probably for like two months now. I got over 40 songs, and we had to sit and break them sh**s down. It started becoming harder and harder, and there was an album there and people started offering me money for it. It went from something I was going to give away for free to something somebody was going to pay me to give away for free. So, in the end, I’m still going to give it away free.”

According to Jones, Porter was a major influence on he and his Dipset collective. Today, he sees himself in a similar role as Porter: a Harlem figure who hustled his way to the top.

“When it come to Rich Porter, he was a very instrumental person from Harlem as far as the days of hustling,” Jones explained. “He set the precedent for my generation coming up. Watching the hustlers, the fast cars, pretty girls, and the fast money and things like that. And the story that goes behind it, as far as the love and the betrayal — this is Harlem history.

“For the Diplomats — me, Juelz, Zeke and Cam — coming up and being instrumental in Harlem right now, it’s like synonymous to the life we live. We do business and we’re rapping, but this is pretty much the fast life of the entertainment industry,” he continued.

At press time, Jones was still working on Ghost of Rich Porter, so a release date was unknown.