Lil Wayne, Entourage Detained By Texas Border Patrol; Weed Found

Lil Wayne was detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents on Friday evening (Dec. 18), after his tour bus was stopped at a checkpoint in Texas.

According to, a random search of vehicles took place at a interior border checkpoint in Falfurrias, Texas (a city about 100 miles from the Mexican border), and agents discovered marijuana stashed on two buses.

However, Wayne did not have any of the drug on his person, nor did anyone in his entourage.

Word is, the Border Patrol’s K-9 unit picked up a marijuana scent outside the bus. They then walked the dogs onto the bus where they found the weed.

No arrests were made as of press time.

Wayne was traveling with 11 members of his entourage on route to Laredo, Texas, where he had a scheduled concert. However, the show was canceled when Weezy never showed.