Mariah Carey Accused of Diva Behavior

London’s Good Morning Television host, Kate Garraway, was reprimanded by her supervisors for accusing guest star Mariah Carey of being a “diva.”

While in London recently to promote the movie Precious, Carey was accused of causing a scene during her stay. According to Garraway, the singer arrived with an entourage who was ordered to lower her onto a sofa to protect the dress she was wearing, and she even brought her own roll of toilet tissue.

“I’ve heard rumors about her being a diva. Turns out it’s all true,” Garraway wrote in a column. “While Mariah was nice, her entourage outnumbered the GMTV crew.”

According to the UK’s Mirror, Garraway was nowhere near Carey during her televised interview to have claimed such reports. The Mirror reports that the “entourage” was actually Carey’s choir and musicians.

Following the report, a rep for Carey called the allegations “clear, gross exaggeration.”

Garraway has since been confronted by her bosses, and have apologized to them and Carey’s team. –Linda Hobbs