Nut Job: Tracy Morgan (Pg. 2)

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You talk real openly about your “Chico Divine” alter ego and throwing up in suede.

Yeah, I own it. I thought I was having fun! E! Hollywood channel can’t tell the story ’cause I told it.


Do you think the media misrepresents you?

I don’t care about that. There’s only three egos. It’s about how people see you, how you see people and how you see yourself. Which of those you think is most important to me?


How you see yourself.

There you go! The media and everybody got a job to do. They wanna stay current and tell stories that they think will sell, and they’re not always accurate. But how you see yourself, look in the mirror. Michael Jackson said it: man in the mirror. That’s profound to me.


With 30 Rock, how much say do you have in terms of the character and what goes on every episode?

I just bring the character and my energy to the role. I don’t write any of the scripts. We have a team of great writers, award-winning writers, who make it very easy for me to do what I do because it’s already funny — the role’s already funny.


Any episodes that are your favorites?

Nah. I can’t pick just one. Half of them I don’t even remember. It happened so long ago. We’re moving at the speed of light.


You don’t have any favorite lines?

My favorite line is, “I’ll take you out behind that school yard and get you pregnant.” That’s my favorite one. What are you: Boricua?



I can tell. I love that accent. How old are you? You sound like you’re 16.


Nah, I’m 30.

You sound like a baby, mama. Boricua bonita.


You like the Latinas, huh? I read in your book you had a crush on a girl named Maria.

Yeah, no doubt.


You also wrote that your ex-wife Sabina was the first person to tell you that you could do comedy for a living.

Yeah, man. It ain’t easy to have three kids and a wife and come home and say, “I’mma be a comedian.” And y’all on welfare. Most women would be like, “You betta get ya ass down to UPS. They’re hiring.” But she didn’t do that. I made her laugh and she was like, “Yo, pull the trigger.” And before you know it, four months later, I was on Def Comedy Jam — right before her birthday.


What would you do when you were first doing stand-up if a joke fell flat?

I would just make my adjustments.


You would just read the crowd?

I would make my adjustments. I was thinking fast. If they didn’t laugh at something, I’d have something else for them and they’d laugh at that.


Did you know when you read the script for 30 Rock

It ain’t got nothing to do with the material. Trust me. I don’t care if you write the script for me. If I’m funny, I’m gonna make the script funny. It’s all about elevation. You can write something on a piece of paper and Tracy Morgan will elevate it. Artists like Martin and Eddie and Will Ferrell, we can do that. We can take something the corniest person writes and elevate it. That’s called talent.



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