Nut Job: Tracy Morgan (Pg. 4)

What are you listening to these days?



The new album?

Yeah. It’s just so inspirational to me, man. I love it ‘cause it’s got knowledge, and it’s still got a message — he’s talking about something. I love the fact that he’s talking about what we talkin’ about.


From reading the book, it sounds like you and your mother haven’t spoken in a while.

I hope she reads the book.


Are you gonna send her a copy?

No. I hope she reads the book. I hope she comes across it and reads it. If you have a loved one who you’re not on speaking terms with, and most of us do, it gets harder around the holiday season. It gets really hard. If you talk to them, they can walk away or argue. If you talk to them on the phone, they can hang up. But if you write them a letter, they gotta open that letter and they gotta read it. And then they will know how you feel.

Do you consider the book a letter to her?

I consider it a letter to her. I love my mother, but my mother don’t understand that. Because of my mother, we ate. Because of my mother, we had Christmases. But there were also things that happened. I just hope she has a better understanding of that. My childhood is gone. We don’t have that relationship anymore. But as adults, we can have a better one.


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