Recycle Bin: Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock”

It was bound to happen. With only days left in 2009, MCs had to find a beat they could ride out to, no matter how good the original, no matter how many rhymed on it before them. This year’s version of 2008’s “A Milli” (produced by Bangladesh, originally rapped by Lil Wayne) has gone to “I Wanna Rock” the second single from Snoop Dogg’s latest album, Malice In Wonderland.

Produced by Scoop DeVille and mixed by Dr. Dre, “I Wanna Rock” has become the go-to beat for upstart and established MCs alike. As of last night, when Young Jeezy contributed his bars to the fray, there were 14 total, and just last week, DJ Clue, via his Twitter, claimed to have heard another version from Jay-Z. Once that happens, we would like to call a moratorium on the “I Wanna Rock” freestyles, with one exception: Snoop Dogg’s proposed remix featuring Lil Kim.

Below, for your listening pleasure, a compilation of all the “I Wanna Rock” freestyles. ––Jozen Cummings