Shane Sparks Denies Child Molestation Allegations, Free On Bail

Since child molestation charges were brought forth last week, hip-hop choreographer Shane Sparks has come out to deny the allegations outright.

In a statement, released through his lawyer, Sparks claims the charges are “bogus” and says he plans to fight them to prove his innocence.

“It’s a bogus accusation that reeks of opportunism and exploitation. The timing is beyond suspicious, and this whole thing stinks to high heaven,” Sparks’ attorney Steve Meister told Fox LA. “We are going to fight to clear his name, and we are going to succeed.”

Meister questions the victim’s intention, pointing out that the accusations come as Sparks’ profile is on the rise, and more than a decade after it allegedly took place.

“We are going to fight this tooth and nail,” he said.

In an update on his Twitter page (@sparks5678) , Sparks thanks the fans who are supporting him, and says the scandal “will come to pass.”

Sparks was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday (Dec.18), and charged on eight counts of felony child molestation.

The charges involve one female victim, who was reportedly a student of Sparks when he taught dance at Los Angeles-based Millenium Studios.

The incidents allegedly began in 1991, when the victim was 12-years-old., and continued for several years. 

Sparks is currently free after posting $590,000 bail on Saturday (Dec. 19).