Soulja Boy Didn’t Sweat Snoop Dogg Snub

After verbal spats with Ice-T, and disses from Snoop Dogg, Soulja Boy says he never took the Snoop “hating” personal.

The rapper recently spoke to Real Talk NY about Snoop’s past unflattering comments about him, which were set off around June 2008 when Snoop found out about the Soulja Boy versus Ice-T battle after calling into Phoenix’s KKFR ‘Nutz in the Morning Show.’

“Ice-T versus Soulja Boy?!” Snoop blurted. “I’m with Ice T,” he said. “ That’s my OG, what do you mean? There’s no in-between! Bubblegum rapper, what are you talking about? …Boy you betta’ raise up off of Ice-T.”

This past September, Snoop apologized for his “hating” against Soulja Boy, while Soulja Boy went on to become considered one of the most innovative rappers of his generation.

“Niggas was always hating on a nigga when he come out,” Snoop admitted. “But when you see a nigga really know what he doing and it’s your craft and you come hit after hit after hit, nigga can’t do nothing but say, ‘Man, I’m sorry for hating on you… you here to stay.’ …I apologize for all the hate that I had towards Soulja Boy, towards what he was doing in the beginning of his career.”

Soulja Boy, who recently collaborated on Snoop’s Malice N Wonderland track “Pronto,” says he wasn’t upset with Snoop’s original disdain towards him––only Ice-T.

“Snoop is a legend,” Soulja Boy said last week. “He’s been on records with 2Pac and that’s one of my most studied artists. Even when he said what he said I didn’t take it any kind of way. People asked me about it I said, ‘Nigga, that’s Snoop Dogg!’ But it’s different from Ice-T,” he says. “See, I didn’t give two fucks about Ice-T. But Snoop, that’s different.”

As for Snoop’s apology? Soulja Boy apparently has a newfound respect for the legendary West Coast star. “He is a real nigga for doing that,” he said. “Most rap dudes out here wouldn’t do that. And that’s why he is who he is and they are not.” ––Linda Hobbs

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