Swizz Beatz Calls Alicia His ‘Boo,’ Addresses Rumors on Twitter

With chatter still swirling about his budding romance with Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz took to his Twitter page (@THEREALSWIZZZ) late Friday night to clear up the misconceptions.

When Swizz and his wife of four years Mashonda filed for divorce last year, it was widely speculated that Keys broke up the marriage. Mashonda even wrote an open letter to the singer on Twitter. Refuting claims of an extramarital affair, however, Swizz wrote on Twitter: “People talking about I cheated how the fuck can I cheat when I was separated ass holes:) Its been damn near 2years plus hello! G .A.Life!”

The normally private producer was in rare form, proclaiming his love for Alicia: “Oh yeah get that album on the 15th it’s Fireeeeeee yeah I said it and what!!!!!!!!!! That’s my boo!!!!!!! 4 life!” Posting from Paris, where he was recently photographed with Keys, Swizz continued to rebuke the naysayers: “Fuck what they say or said I’m a good man but when it’s time move on it’s just time! I’m also so a great fucking Dad but nobody give a shit!”

His other Tweets included:

“I don’t care about hate 100% because when they hate that’s when it’s showtime when they don’t hate ohhhhh shit better step up ya game ASAP!”

“People done lost there minds I been in this game for 11 plus years since I was 17 and all people want to talk about is my divorce Wow!”

“People kill me they even hate on shit they don’t even know about đŸ˜‰ they prob hate on there own mamma đŸ™‚ I call it Hate Flu!”

Swizz capped off his rant positively, while blaming it on the alcohol: “I’m done the Patron is threw:) but it was real talk! We need to lift each other up not put each other down! We need more love life is short.” –Clover Hope