T.I. Already Back In The Studio Recording New Music?


Is T.I. already back in the studio?

Former Atlantic Records music executive Kevin Liles — who now serves as Executive VP at Warner Music Group — hinted at just that recently when he tweeted about a close friend making his way to the studio.

According to GlobalGrind.com, Liles wrote this on his Twitter page (@KevinLiles1): “My right hand went home to visit family & found his way to the studio. He said ‘why wait for 2010, get it in now’ Love the attitude!”

Was he talking about T.I.? That’s what most think. If so, he doesn’t waste any time does he?

At press time, the message had been deleted from his page.

T.I. was set to be released from prison earlier this month, where he’d serve the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house. While there, he would be allowed to leave for work-related priorities but would have to be back by his curfew.

T.I.’s camp has yet to release a statement about his release or rumors of his being back in the studio.

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