Tyler Perry’s Mother Dies

Willie Maxine Perry, the mother of Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry, has died.

Willie Maxine was a huge influence on her son, who shaped his world-famous character Madea, on her and other women in his life growing up.

According to the Associated Press, no word was released on the cause of her death. Maxine, who died Tuesday, was 64. An announcement of her passing was given by Perry on his website, where he thanked fans for their prayers.

Boris Kodjoe, who co-starred in Perry’s box office hit Madea’s Family Reunion, tweeted about Perry’s loss on Wednesday. “Tyler Perry’s mother passed,” he wrote. “Let us all send love and light to him and his family. TP, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We love you.”

Maxine Perry worked as a schoolteacher at the New Orleans Jewish Community Center. –Linda Hobbs

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