Update: Mashonda Responds to Swizz on Twitter

After Swizz Beatz took to Twitter last night to address the hoopla surrounding his romance with Alicia Keys, Mashonda, the mother of his son, logged on to respond.

“Here’s the bottom line,u were married whn u started ur affair, ur married now. And both of u knew wht it was.Separation came after the fact,” the singer wrote. “I’m not gona battle my sons father on twitter about his mistress. Yall WON!”

It’s not the first time Mashonda took to the Internet to air out her feelings on the love triangle involving herself, Alicia Keys, and husband Swizz. In September, she typed an open letter to Keys, looking to resolve their issues.

“I never lied and I NEVER will. Thank God we are doing this b4 2010,” she concluded. “My new year will not involve this scandol.” –John Kennedy

Photo Credit: Getty Images