V Exclusive: Nick Cannon Talks Media Takeover

After news broke about Nick Cannon’s new media company, NCredible, VIBE caught up with the actor/rapper/businessman minutes before his taking off for the holidays to get the details of what his new endeavor meant and the inspiration behind the name.

“[Incredible is an] adjective I use everyday. I want to make everything in my life incredible. I’ve always wanted to name my company that, so I did–plus the capital NC is a nice touch,” says Cannon alluding to his initials. Mr. NCredible will serve as CEO of the new company that will centralize all of his current business ventures.

Some of the projects on Cannon’s slate include Son of Gun: A True Tale, a docudrama centered around Bronx emcee Cory Gunz–son of Bronx emcee Peter Gunz and godson of Shaquille O’Neil. “I met Cory when he was like fourteen at a mix show summit and knew he would be doing big things then.” Cory was originally signed by Jay-Z, but is now on Cannon’s music label.

Also set for the small screen is School Gyrls, a project he created after signing the pop trio of the same name. “I basically just put the girls real personalities on paper and it came together.” School Gyrls will mark Nick’s directorial debut.

When asked to describe his new untitled hip-hop puppet show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Cannon replies, “This is the project I’m most excited about right now. It’s about a one-hit wonder rap group living in Atlanta partying and going to strip clubs, but still making it to church on Sunday.”

Before jumping off the phone to prepare for take off Cannon had these parting words: “Old folks need to take time to teach and give new lessons about life to the young ones and the young ones need to take the time to stop, listen, and learn those lessons about life.” –Jamal Munnerlyn