V Style: Get Timberland’d Up

If you’re in New York, you’ve likely been walking around in icy sludge for the past few days. If you’re not where it’s snowed, well, good for you. For the rest of us stuck trudging through the once-white piles of wet debris, it’s about time to bring out the big guns.

Regular kicks are no match for the uncleared sidewalks and will send your shoes to an early grave. The solution? Shearling lined boots. We don’t mean Uggs, though practically speaking, those work too. Timberland has released a six-inch lace up that’s a worthy opponent of the elements.

Outside the shoe is a traditional Timberland with a waterproof nobuck exterior while the inside is lined with sheep fur to the toe. If you needed any more convincing, they also have the Jim Jones seal of approval — the Harlem rapper collaborated on the shoes with designer Ronnie Fieg and is no doubt strapping them on to roll out. –Adrien Field

Timberland 6 Inch Lace Up Boots, $175

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