V Style: Go ‘Head And Tap That

If you’ve ever answered an iPhone with your nose to avoid taking off your gloves in the dead of winter, then you understand the painful dilemma that occurs every time the weather drops below freezing.

Until recently, there were two options: either remove your gloves and tempt fate with frostbite and amputation, or pocket the phone even when you’d realized She Wolf was playing on repeat.

Created by Josh Rubin, Freehands is the solution to that problem. The gloves feature retractable thumb and forefinger tips so you can type without taking them off every time you need to answer a “where you at?” text.  Since first dropping in 2007, they’ve only gotten better, and Freehands recently introduced a cashmere version for the iBanker who can’t put down his iPod. -Adrien Field

Freehands Cashmere Gloves, $70