V Style: Time To Get Schooled

If you don’t already know Public School, you better start paying more attention in class. The two-year-old men’s line started by Sean John alums Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne is all about modern clothes for the guy who’s grown up from his days of playing hookie and sneaking cigarettes on the playground. Just don’t call it urban.

“I’d say contemporary—I hate that word too though,” says Chow, reluctantly dropping a label on his line of threads. “I hate descriptions in general. Because of our background and history, we tend to get placed in that space. It’s not a label that we try to duck or promote, but it’s more just about a new, fresh product. We’re hanging in Barney’s next to [Neil] Barret and on the same floor as Prada.”

Here, Dao-Yi shares his top five picks from Public School’s Spring collection. ––Adrien Field