V Style: Walkin On The Moon

The Android Homme “Propulsion II” is the kind of kick that would be expected for the year we’re about to enter.

In 2010, ’80s sci-fi films predicted we’d be exploring Jupiter, and while we’re not there yet, you could be fooled to think otherwise when you slip on a pair of these.

The Propulsion II silhouette takes inspiration from the sleekness of a rocket ship, including a rocket booster ripple detail along the backside of the hi-top. The Propulsion II embodies a +/- charge, or a yin and yang polarity and is offered in a limited run of 200 pairs total. Features include full grain pebbled and pounded leathers and pigskin lining, as well as an embossed single strap and waxed laces.

Android Homme sneakers are designed to metaphorically reflect that all humans are inherently programmed beings, similar to robots and computers. HAL 9000, is that you? –Adrien Field

(Android Homme, $150)