The VIBE Cover Story: Chris Brown (Pg 5)

Are you competitive with other artists? For example, do you see Usher and say, “I’m gonna top him?”
That wasn’t my goal. I always looked up to Usher and I respected Usher as an artist and I was always like, ‘I hope he embraces me as a little brother.’ I always pay respect to Usher because he does what so many cats don’t do. He sold so many records and pioneered the way for a lot of people. Then there was all this hoopla and then I had one altercation [with Usher] where he got a little cocky and said different things. I’m like, “Okay, I know you Usher, but at the end of the day, it’s a new day. And I do me. You can’t do this like I do.” Not saying this arrogantly, but that’s how I was feeling at the time. Michael Jackson was the best. I’m not trying to surpass him. I’m just trying to do me to the best of my ability.

In your “I Can Transform Ya” video, you are really killing the karate moves. Was that your idea?
Yeah. I want to showcase a different side. I started doing martial arts at 7. I stopped when I was like 13, 14. Power Rangers got me into it. I did it for a while just playing around. In the video, I’m using nunchucks; flippin’ doing acrobatics and gymnastics, all of that. Now I’m a red belt.

What artists did you plan to work with but didn’t?
The timing wasn’t right for me and Justin Timberlake. And I wanted to do an R&B song with me, Justin and Usher. But I didn’t think the timing was right with everything that was going on, so I didn’t pursue it.

Your serial-tweeter experiences are well documented, but what direction are you planning for your website
I do it myself sometimes, but I got my little staff that works with me. My Twitter is me though. I get in trouble for my tweets sometimes. But I’m always on my Twitter. I love it personally. It’s kind of balancing. I’m the kind of guy who likes to keep mystery as an artist when you see me. But as far as my Twitter [@mechnicaldummy], I like to interact with my fans. Let them get a sense of who I am. They’ll say, “Chris says this inspirational stuff.” Or “I feel him.” Or “This is how he’s feeling,” and “I understand this.”