The VIBE Cover Story: Chris Brown (Pg 6)

When pictures of you jet-skiing at Diddy’s house hit the Net, you were criticized for having fun too soon after the incident. Can you see how people felt that way?
I didn’t think about that. Even on Larry King, I was saying people didn’t know that we were working our situation out. It wasn’t me just being on a jet-ski like, “Woooo yeaaah. Forget the world. I don’t care.” It was me at a better place because I wasn’t listening to the media. I was just relaxing and vacationing with her, all our friends and family. And we were just having fun.

If it wasn’t for all this attention, do you think you and Rihanna would have gotten back together? 

Yeah, if it wasn’t for the media and everything else, I think it would have definitely been that. I still would have done counseling or try to do a group thing with me and her but it was something that needed to be resolved before it escalated further.

As a result of all that’s happened, have you begun to conceal parts of your fun side?

I feel like from this day on anything I do will be criticized or blown out of proportion. I can yell across the street, “Ayo, get me that McDonald’s.” And that comes out like Chris is angry. But I’m still going to live my life. I’m still going to smile. That’s just my personality.

If you could have people read just one quote from this interview, what would it be?

At the end of the day, it’s all about love, loving one another and respecting everybody. It’s also about learning from differences.


Erik Parker has served as Music Editor and Senior Editor for The Source Magazine (1999-2002), and Music Editor for VIBE Magazine (2003-2006). Aside from his time as magazine editor, he’s also written about hip-hop for XXL, Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, VIBE and The Source. He is the creator and host of The Parker Report.

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