Will Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Album Have An Eminem Collaboration?

Is an Eminem and Lil Wayne collabo coming? That’s the word.

According to a leaked tracklist — rumored to be for Weezy’s upcoming, long-waited Rebirth album — Eminem will appear on the album.

Reports say that on Amazon’s UK website, a tracklisting shows Eminem as a guest on the album’s eighth track, called “Drop The World,” which would be his first collaboration with the superstar rapper from New Orleans.

Looks like all Wayne’s public statements regarding his desire to work with the great white hype finally came true. That’s if this tracklist is official.

At one point in time, Weezy accused Em of being “scared to work with me,” after he sent a track to Em’s camp and never got a response.

While the pair did appear together on the Drake single, “Forever” alongside Kanye West, Weezy said he didnt consider it a real collaboration, “cause I wanted a record that was just me and Em.”

Aside from Eminem, Rebirth is expected to feature Wayne’s stable of Young Money artists such as Shanell, Nicki Minaj and Kevin Rudolf.

At press time, the latest release date for the project is December 21st.

The rumored tracklist is as follows:

• American Star – ft. Shanell

• Prom Queen – ft. Shanell

• Ground Zero

• Da Da Da

• Paradise

• Get a Life

• On Fire

• Drop the World – ft. Eminem

• Runnin – ft. Shanell

• One Way Trip

• Knockout – ft. Kevin Rudolf

• The Price Is Wrong – ft. Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Getty Images