50 Cent Says Olivia’s Hair & Make-Up Were Too Expensive

50 Cent has explained in the past the strides he’s taken to launch the careers of his G-Unit Records roster. He even, at one point, said he had to cut the artists off financially.

While the original G-Unit members—Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks—are still standing, others have come and gone. One, in particular, is the sole R&B artist on the label, Olivia.

With the former G-Unit First Lady out on her own, fans have been left wondering what really happened with her situation with 50.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop’s Gina Torres, Fif’ explained how hard it was to promote Olivia… on his pockets that is.

“That was a loss,” Fif’ explained. “The problem you get with female solo artists is they game is really small. They look at it and say ‘Beyoncé, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole…’ When you got an African-American female, solo artist, she sees where she fits immediately. The problem is they spend finances like those artists, having the set-up — the make-up artist, the stylists, different things.”

Those hired hands start to get costly over time, and according to 50, he lost millions in investing in Olivia’s career, simply because they were unable to break her with a single.

“If you don’t have a record that connects fast enough, you accumulate a tab like a motherf***er. You look around like ‘Yo, you spent $2 million on this sh**,’ ” he says.

In addition to spending money, 50 Cent says he even made scrafices in his own career to help move her along swiftly, taking chances with R&B records, instead of sticking to his original blueprint, thus alienating the fans he made on the come up.

“It had me compromising myself at certain points. I made scrafices for other artists that I don’t think people acknowledge them,” Fif’ explained. “When I’m doing a Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ movie soundtrack, I know I’m supposed to be doing ‘I’ll Whip Your Head Boy.’ … And I’m doing ‘If I Was Your Best Friend’ because I’m already $2 million in the hole on the actual project.”

Despite the failed situation, Olivia is moving on. In an October 2009 interview, she revealed that she’s been hard at work on her long-awaited solo project.

However, further details were not revealed at the time of the interview.