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7 Reasons Why We Knew Detox Wasn’t Coming Out in 2010

When putting together our list for the 10 most anticipated album releases of 2010, there were plenty of arguments for which artists should stay on and which ones should be left off. But none of those artists included Dr. Dre and his now mythical Detox project, because let’s face it, putting Detox on any list of upcoming anticipated albums is like betting on LeBron James going to the New York Knicks next season. Thankfully, we didn’t make the mistake of putting Dre on the list because yet again it’s been pushed back another year. (Those who found issue with our omitting him, we gladly accept your apology.)

1. The Man Has Product to Push

From headphones to soft drinks, Dr. Dre is reaching out to a new audience that would have probably been picketing him a decade ago. Forget gin and juice, Dre has Dr. Pepper and $300 Beats by Dre headphones to sell. Who needs to push an album when they can make endless cash on products with their names on it? Remember George Foreman’s grill.

2. The West Coast as a Lot of New Blood Emerging

Nipsey Hussle, Jay Rock, Pac Div, Problem, and Terrace Martin are just a few of the fresh talent coming from Cali and they’re not only gaining a solid following but the architects of West Coast rap are welcoming them as well. Snoop Dogg has worked with Nipsey and legendary West Coast MC, Kurupt is letting Terrace Martin produce the majority of his next album, Street Lights, expected to drop this year. Dre doesn’t have anything to prove but he may be watching to see how the public responds to the new sound coming from the west coast.

3. This Picture

Some pictures are worth a thousand words, but this picture of Snoop Dogg, Game, and Dr. Dre together was worth a thousand guesses. Nobody really knew what these three guys were doing when this photo was taken. They could have been working on Snoop’s recently released Malice In Wonderland or maybe Game’s upcoming R.E.D. album. And since when does Dre ever let photographers into his studio to take pictures of him working? We smell a set up.

4. 50 Isn’t Selling…

160,000. No, that’s not how many days it’s been since Dre released Chronic 2001 (we don’t have the calculators to do that kinda math). It’s the number of 50 Cent’s first week sales for his recently released, Before I Self Destruct. If 50 can’t keep his numbers up, Dre has got to be thinking how can he avoid horrible sales. He has a reputation to uphold.

5. …But Eminem Is

One of 2009’s greatest comebacks was Eminem and his critically acclaimed, Relapse album. But Eminem wasn’t done for the year. He re-released the project, Relapse: Refill with seven brand new tracks (featuring Dre’s production, of course) and is about to release a brand new album this year. That being said, as long as Eminem is selling, Dre’s money is straight.

6. T.I. Was Busy

When reference tracks of T.I. rapping to what has been reported as songs he wrote for Dre hit the Internet early last year, we all felt one step closer to hearing new music. Then T.I. got locked up and with him, his ghostwriting abilities.



7. Most of Us Stopped Caring

It’s getting to the point where there are less people caring about Detox than people who do, and for Dr. Dre, that can’t be a good thing. We definitely respect the architects of hip-hop’s past, but hip-hop has changed sounds ten or 20 times since his last album.  He’s going to be a tough sell to an audience that thinks Soulja Boy is the best rapper alive. - Jozen Cummings

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