Birdman Still Eyeing Rick Ross Collaboration

With his fourth solo album Pricele$$ still on shelves, it looks like Birdman is following through with his promise of tag-team set with Rick Ross.

“We are still making it happen,” the Cash Money mogul told VIBE of the impending release with the self-proclaimed Boss tentatively entitled The H—which is due out early this year. “Ross is my partner. He’s already great to me. He’s got the mind and the talent to do what he wants as far as rap goes. He can rap his ass off. He’s going to constantly make hits.”

While the news of the union was initially met with raised eyebrows by both rap fans and critics in late 2009, Birdman insists that his relocation to Miami, Ross’ beloved hometown, helped ignite the project.

“The town has bust open,” he says of its thriving music scene. “I’ve learned a lot being in Miami. It’s different from where we come from. I felt like we had to leave New Orleans in order to grow. My city is small; the state of Louisiana is small. I’m from there and I love it. I’m 504 ‘til I go. I still have a house there and I still go there. But at some point you have to grow.” —Keith Murphy