Civil Writes: Savagery Lost In Translation

It is like a jungle more often than sometimes. Your office.Your neighborhood, your city, your world, the world of
entertainment­­ –– they’re all wildflower seeded habitats breathing off their own merciless order.

The laws are as breakable as the day’s first meal. Forethought and instincts increase lifespan. We live this every day. We do so to eat (dough, bread, cheddar, cake…). Yet we continue to underutilize our largest food: language, the stairway to true ascension.

For much of our “evolution,” we’ve traded away primitive essentials. We humans of every complexion have been distracted by man-made law, religion, tradition and fear for so long we’ve forgotten who we are––animals; interestingly, the only who aspire to be anything but (we’re beasts with a God complex). We’ll always be more Neanderthal than perfect. Still the refined, so infatuated with that impossible pursuit of perfection, lose sight of savagery’s beauty.

The flipside sees the untamed blind to opportunity afforded by progression. Sometimes the caveman doesn’t realize the world awaits its discovery (and vice versa). Sometimes the clothed man doesn’t realize the world longs for its liberty; self-chained by civility. Absent between the two extremes is diplomacy. Plugging that void is what I consider my deployment as Cultural Engineer. Supervise our jungle. Monitor. Destroy and rebuild. Progress.

There’s nothing new under the sun. So if I use this new blog of mine to gush about one of Keith Olbermann’s GOP beheadings, or to ask are women better adulterers than men, or to wish Dick Cheney syphilis, understand I’m simply shifting sunlight off of weeds and onto spinach.

This feels needed. For far too long you’ve been forced to feed yourselves off online journalism that does more aggregating than cultivating (especially in hip hop). Civil Writes will do its due diligence to supply what you should be demanding––politics that speak to you instead of over or at you, gender translation, the untapped perspective on the beaten-to-death topic, emphasis returning to personal health…care, etc.

The focus here will be to not only clothe your raw primate but simultaneously undress your finer self of baggage inherited from societal coda and background familiarity. It’s a new day, a new year, a new decade. Where’s the new you? If it’s not perched on the horizon then let these words be its starting gate. We’ll make a deal: you help Civil Writes get bigger and Civil Writes will make you better. Deal? Cool. So let’s begin this journey.

What will make you better?

Bonsu Thompson has accomplished more in his career than most journalists dream of. The Rolling Stone 2001 “Hot Interviewer” has penned for mags like Details, XXL, Penthouse, SLAM and KING as well as notable brands such as MTV, VH1, Rocawear and Translation.