The Eldrick Woods Relationship Blog: Getting Past The Kardashian


Getting Past The Kardashian

It’s Sunday. I’m watching the Arizona Cardinals get mopped by the New Orleans Saints. In the game, Reggie Bush scores two touchdowns and arguably has the greatest game of his NFL career. All the while, cameras pan throughout the game to a luxury skybox where famous person, and Bush’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian sits with her family. The game is hardly interesting, it’s pretty clear the Saints are going to win, so my mind wanders, and it hits me:

Kim Kardashian deserves to be in a new category of fine.

I’m not comparing her to other famous, beautiful people or making this statement based on a particular angle the cameras shot her at. I’m not even saying I think she’s fine (she’s fine). I am saying, look at Kim Kardashian’s man, then, look at her past. Add it all up, and we are witnessing an unprecedented level of preferential treatment for the fine.

Reggie Bush is one of the game’s richest and most famous players in the league. Women who don’t watch one game of football know the name Reggie Bush. It is safe to say Bush has put himself in a position to get any woman he wants. Any woman! Women we have never seen in our lives, and women we see all the time on TV. But what women does Reggie Bush choose to be with?

Kim Kardashian, the girl who had sex on camera with Ray J.

All of this is old news in the gossip world, but ask any man who has ever found out something about his woman’s past. What a woman did in the years before she met her man does, to a certain extent, matter to him.

Everyone sing along with Mario Winans, “I don’t wanna to know.”

Men don’t want to know anything about our women and another man, even if we didn’t know her when she was doing something with another man. Yet, there is Reggie Bush, proudly placing a woman everyone has seen have sex on camera with Brandy’s brother, in a luxury box suite. There’s Reggie Bush, posing on the red carpet with a woman who arguably became more famous after the world saw her goodies. There’s Reggie Bush, making all kinds of public appearances with a woman whose impurity was showed on more screens than Avatar.

And there’s Reggie Bush not caring about any of it.

Of course, this is just speculation and observation, but educated speculation and observation. I don’t know Reggie Bush personally, but I do know men. When a man finds out his woman has a past he never imagined, it’s a difficult pill to swallow. Sometimes, men choose to spit it out and not deal, over little things like their girlfriend’s crazy Spring Break back in her college days. So imagine how difficult it is to get past something on Kim Kardashian’s level. To move on from such a thing requires one of two things: 1) One of those nifty little memory eraser pens we saw in the Men In Black movies, with a side of years of therapy. 2) A woman so fine, she can do no wrong, and even when he finds out she did, she’s still too fine to let go. “It’s just a sex tape. We’ve all done it,” he’ll say.

From the looks of it, Reggie Bush has on his hands, reason number 2 in spades. I only say that because if she looked like any one of the numerous women he sees on a daily basis, he would have kicked Kim to the curb like she was an extra point. I’m sure people will tell me different, that men eventually fall in love with a woman to the point where her past doesn’t matter, but trust me, if a man stays with a woman in spite of any sordid past — from filming a sex tape to a wild night on a tropical vacation with her girls — a very huge reason is she’s the finest woman he’s seen on and off camera.