Fringe: Grizzly Bear

Music outside the margins

When indie rock band Grizzly Bear performed last August at JellyNYC’s free show on Brooklyn, New York’s Williamsburg Waterfront, there were two unexpected fans in attendance: Jay-Z and wife, Beyoncé. Hip-hop and R&B’s royal couple was spotted swaying from side to side as the quartet played their cult hits.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Jay’s often admonished the idea of music segregation, saying the only kind he hates is bad music.

The Brooklyn-based group—comprised of Edward Droste (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Daniel Rossen (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Chris Taylor (producer) and Christopher Bear (drums)—is known for their simple, accessible lyrics and their mellow, but glowing tunes.

On “Two Weeks,” the first single to last year’s critically acclaimed Veckatimest, Droste’s in a dying relationship, pleading, “Would you always? Maybe sometimes? Make it easy? Take your time” over twinkling keys. Grizzly Bear’s ability to mesh contrasting ideas is probably one reason Marcy Project’s most illustrious rhymer took a trip to Williamsburg, absolutely the most unurban Brooklyn sect, to check them out. Now here’s your shot. –Brad Wete


“Two Weeks”

“Ready, Able”

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