Fringe: La Roux

Music outside the margins

More than a million fans have been carried away by UK band La Roux’s self-titled electro pop debut. Maybe because frontwoman Eleanor Jackson sings with an attitude and spunk that’s a cross between Lady Gaga and an early ’90s Madonna. But the 21-year-old vocalist doesn’t look the part. She’s pretty in an androgynous, uniform sort of way.

“Been there, done that, messed around,” she sings with teflon toughness on the duo’s 2009 UK smash “Bulletproof.” “I’m having fun/Don’t put me down/I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet.” Though Jackson won’t let the dirtbag she’s singing to sweep her off her feet, her vocals might just charm you into additional listens.

In 2009, La Roux — completed by Ben Langmaid — opened for UK pop starlet Lily Allen’s tour, and later this year they’ll bring their show across the pond for Americans to bop to. Before they get here, check out some tunes. —Brad Wete