Game Recognize Game: Rock The All-Star Vote

So, who’s in your twenty-four? Or, even twelve, for that matter?

Political correctness of the season that’s been and the numbers that bare that out aside, can you really think of a dozen NBA ballers you’d rather see in action than Allen Iverson? I didn’t think so. Thus, why all the maddening drama over the masses expressing a like sense of resolve in voting A.I. in as a starter in this year’s All-Star Game extravaganza?

Everyone from Chauncey Billups to Jesus (Ray Allen) Shuttlesworth has voiced varying degrees of dissatisfaction with a system that could leave both of them sidelined come Valentine’s Day weekend down in Dallas.

“You probably want to give the fans some kind of something to do with it, but I just think that’s way too much,” Billups laments of the current system. “I would rather it be something like the players vote for the starters.”

But a system is a system and a process is a process, right? And truth is, deserving as both men and even others may be, a legacy will trump a season each and every time. Such is the beauty of Iverson and the cred he will always commands.

Yeah, yeah, I know A.I. has scarcely played this season, but in the end love is still love. It’s why Tracy McGrady––in all of six games played this season––also finished just a few votes out of the money.

People crave what they crave. And in the end, you’ve got to give them what they want. ––Glenn Minnis