Game Recognize Game: Who’s To Blame?

I still find myself trying to gauge the more shocking revelation: Gilbert Arenas’ mind-boggling act of bringing pistols into the Washington Wizards locker room, or the quickness with which his teammates have chosen to dime him out about it.

No matter what side of the ledger you fall, the consistent appears D.C. cops clearly seem to have the goods on Agent Zero, who was charged with felony firearm possession earlier today. Thus, why the overkill? Might be the big payback be in effect for Arenas, who, without question, has been known to alienate an NBA exec or two over the course of his eight-year career.

But is it truly all Gilbert’s fault? Consider the NBA has long granted the veteran All-Star guard a no-holds barred role as its residence prankster, rendering him free to readily make light of even the most serious or germane of issues as he saw fit.

As he set course on becoming one of the league’s most prolific bloggers, using that platform to slam whomever, whenever he chose to, the powers-that-be convinced themselves his act was all to the good by rationalizing how much it could aid league officials in their quest to be a player in the still simmering digital revolution. When he regularly seemed to place showmanship and individualism over victories and team success, management cheered him on to the tune of awarding him with a $111 million contract.

Sense the pattern here? And you wonder why Gilbert Arenas may have come to view himself as Mr. Untouchable. When all is said and done in this episode, Agent Zero may indeed rate as the unquestionable fall guy. Just know there’ll enough blame to go around to fill the Verizon Center a few times over. ––Glenn Minnis