Game Recognizes Game: King LeBron or Jester James?

LeBron James certainly picked the right era to flourish. Understand that’s not to even remotely imply The King couldn’t more than hold his own in any era known to hooplogy.

But can you imagine what might have become of LBJ on his subsequent drive down the lane if he were playing against say Charles Oakley, Charles Barkley or even Bill Laimbeer after launching into an impromptu rendition of Eminem’s “Forever” as he did against Kobe on national TV last week? Ditto, for the America’s Best Dance Crew tryout he staged against Joakim Noah and the Bulls just a few weeks earlier.

Noah blasted The King as a “bitch” and labeled his act old and trite after he strutted the sidelines much of the night during the Cavs 101-87 blowout win just before Xmas. “We have fun and it’s not about showboating. It’s nothing personal,” counters LBJ.

The end point here is Charles Square wouldn’t have taken his act nearly as well. For at times, it certainly seems as if James might be breaking Nino Brown’s cardinal rule of remembering it should forever be about bizness and nothing personal.

At the end of the day, today’s NBA is all about The King. And he need be quite so cavalier with all his subjects. —Glenn Minnis


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