Game Recognizes Game: Making Sport of 2009

Over the last twelve months, the year that was our sports season has seen more twists and turns than a LeBron James breakaway dunk. From Jordan to Tiger to Serena, we’ve seen dimensions of their games never before exhibited.

After years upon years of giving us the corporate, money-making versions of themselves, the aforementioned stars and then some shared with us a little bit more of what seems to make them tick this season. More attitude. More personality.

But just how much of it did we really want to see? The following five moments deemed that question pointless. ––Glenn Minnis

MJ Roasts Friends and Foes in Hall Of Fame Induction Speech

Caster Semenya’s Gender Comes Into Question

Tiger’s Name is Changed to “Cheetah”

Serena Makes Some Racket On The Court

A.I. Tears Up In Philly Return