The Game Says ‘School Was a Government Plot To Keep Track of Us’

The Game is not one to bite his tongue, no matter what the topic is. Most recently, the Compton rapper slammed the education system, saying that once you hit a certain grade level, school doesn’t help much.

He even adds that school is Uncle Sam’s way of keeping tabs on kids on a regular basis.

“After you learned how to read and do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult?” Game asked in a tweet (@IHateGame).

“I think school was a government’s plot to keep track of us and program our lives. Up at 7, out at 3PM five days a week.”

While Game questioned a school’s use in life as an adult, he did explain why he thinks it great—it gives him a break from his kids.

” … Them two dudes is animals!” he tweeted, regarding his two sons. “I get it, school is a babysitter. Martin Luther King said: ‘The reason we in school 13 yrs is because, that’s how long it take to DESTROY a child’s mind.”

Before ended his rant, Game made sure to encourage kids to stay in school.

“Kids, STAY IN SCHOOL,” he wrote. “We all gotta do it. I’m from Compton, so maybe it was just our school system that ain’t really do sh** for us. My teachers wore khaki suits n ere’thang.”

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