Game… You Are Not The Father

Tila Tequila stirred up a buzz on Twitter Thursday night (Jan. 28) alleging that rapper Game was her soon-to-be baby daddy.

The Game toyed with the allegations a bit when he tweeted, “To My Unborn child (2pac’s voice).” Tequila then retweeted the tweet along with another shot at the allegations, “RT: @IHateGame To My Unborn child (2pac’s voice). <==== ummmm who you talkin to there hunny buns??? LOLL shhhhhhuuuushh!”

Tequila also claimed that Game was supposed to take her baby shopping.

“WHOA! I had no idea it’s 8:30am!! I better go to sleep cuz babydaddy @IHateGame supposed 2 take me baby shopping,” the pint-sized reality TV star tweeted.

Game finally asked TMZ and Harvey Levin for an interview where he would clear up the whole story. In the interview with Levin, which went live on, Game claimed that he did see Tila Tequila in the studio last night while he worked with Dr. Dre on some new music, but they didn’t have any conversations or made contact at all; nor did he tell her he’d take her “baby shopping.”

Game denied the allegations that he is the father of Tequila’s unborn child, ended the rumors by wittily stating that he “wouldn’t even hit it wit 50’s pole.” —Emmanuel Ureña