Gilbert Arenas NBA Career in Jeopardy Over Alleged Gun Waving

A week ago, news broke that Washington Wizards all-star Gilbert Arenas was being investigated for storing a gun in his locker. Now, it seems as though he may have a little more trouble on his hands, after info leaked that he and his teammate pulled guns on each other in the team’s locker room over a gambling debt.

According to Fox News, Arenas and his teammate Javaris Crittenton were allegedly involved in a gun duel on Dec. 21, after the two got into an argument over a gambling debt.

Arenas, 27, reportedly went for his gun first, and then 22-year-old Crittenton allegedly brandished a firearm as well.

Neither Arenas nor Crittenton have addressed the reports in-depth. When Arenas was asked about it by ABC News affiliate WJLA, he said: “I like the story, it’s intriguing.”

On New Year’s Day, Arenas commented further on the reports via his official Twitter page (@gilbertarenas): “I wake up this morning and seen I was the new JOHN WAYNE … lmao media is too funny.”

The incident threatens to end both the players’ careers, as well as Wizards general manager Ernie Grunfeld, who is said to have known about the incident, but failed to report it to the NBA.

“This is gonna cost Ernie Grunfeld his job,” a former NBA team president told the New York Post. “Because the buck stops at the top.”

While their contracts may be in jeopardy if the info is found to be true, the NBA player’s union says they will fight the Washington Wizards and/or the NBA if either tries to void the contracts of both players over the incident.

“They can attempt to take any action they want, but if it contradicts or violates the collective bargaining agreement, then we will litigate over that,” Billy Hunter, the NBA Players’ Association executive director, told the New York Daily News. “There’s no question we’d litigate.”

No one has been suspended over the alleged incident as of press time. “Unnamed inside sources” revealed the info to the Post.

It was unclear whether other teammates saw the standoff.

“Right now, the commissioner has ample authority to suspend or fine the players,” Hunter added later. “To me, he has too much authority and we’d like to cut back on that. I’m not for strengthening (what Stern can do).”

On Christmas Day, the Wizards announced that Arenas had admitted to bringing guns into the locker room and had turned them over to team security. According to Arenas, he stored the firearms in his locker, because he didn’t want them in his home any longer, following the recent birth of his third child.

“It happened like December 10th. Right after my daughter was born,” the NBA star said. “I decided I didn’t want the guns in my house and around the kids anymore, so I took them to my lock box at Verizon Center. Then like a week later, I turned them over to team security and told them to hand them over to the police, because I don’t want them anymore. I wouldn’t have brought them to D.C. had I known the rules. After my daughter was born, I was just like, I don’t need these anymore.”

He is currently being investigated by the NBA and local authorities on whether gun-possession violations should be applied.

While the NBA allows its players to legally possess firearms, it prohibits them being brought to league facilities or when traveling on any league-related business.