The Goods: 50 Reasons To Watch Every Minute of Super Bowl XLIV

CBS is planning to make this year’s Super Bowl between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints look better than ever. So while they recently announced that they’ll be capturing the high-definition action of the big game in much the same way that they captured Super Bowl XLI in 2007, they also announced they’ll be using 50 HD cameras (two more than they used in ’07) to make sure folks aren’t complaining about calls around the water cooler on the Monday morning after the game. Those cameras will be equipped with improved replay tools called Motion Video Play and Hyperzoom to allow fans at home to quickly see whether a player’s foot was inbounds or out-of-bounds after a catch. They’ll also use a new system from Sportvision (the company that helps networks draw the yellow line across the field to indicate the first-down sticks) to help provide a better view of the field goal posts during field goal attempts. So when your team takes an L, it won’t be because the refs missed the call on the field. —Chris Yuscavage