The Goods: Is The Apple Tablet Finally Here?

Apparently, Apple doesn’t take holidays. Especially when they’ve got the most-anticipated tech item of the year in their back pocket. While the rest of us were out celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day yesterday, Apple sent out invitations to an event they’re holding Jan. 27 to announce their “latest creation.” And unless you’ve been trying to kick your New Year’s Eve hangover for the last three weeks (in which case, holla at us and tell us what you were sipping that night!), you know that the announcement is probably going to focus on the Apple tablet computer—the thing that had everyone at CES geeked up a couple weeks ago. And if Steve Jobs doesn’t make it happen? Well, something tells us there’s gonna be a whole lotta tech heads ready to Ron Browz themselves on Jan. 28. Stay tuned. ––Chris Yuscavage

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