The Goods: Beats By Dre x Diddy Beats

As if seeing the Beats By Dre headphones gratuitously displayed in more videos than we can count isn’t enough, Dr. Dre has now partnered with Diddy for the release of Diddy Beats.

Featuring high-tech aluminum wrapped in leather, Diddy Beats are in-ear headphones designed to combine sound and style and, much like the original Beats By Dre headphones, Monster is promising to focus on delivering heightened clarity and club-level bass. They’ll come equipped with Monster’s tangle-resistant ControlTalk headphone cable and a microphone to allow you to take calls through your iPhone.

Though there’s no release date for the Diddy Beats yet, they’ve already got a price tag of $149 (relatively expensive compared to the Bose in-ear headphones and they’ll be available in both black and white. There’s reportedly a Diddy Beats iPod speaker base in the works as well. Let’s go! ––Chris Yuscavage

If you totally skipped right over the first link in this post, watch this clip to see all the videos Beats By Dre headphones have guest-appeared in. Can’t you already see the Dirty Money/Diddy Beats collabos in your head right now?!