The Goods: Catch The Catch The Technocel Ear Vibe Vibe

Electronics accessory provider Technocel has created more than 11,000 products for cell phones and MP3 players. But their most innovative creation yet may be the brand-new Technocel Ear Vibe, a first-of-its-kind stereo headset designed to vibrate when your iPod hits low frequency bass (Note: Keep this, this and this off when these things are in your ‘buds!). Slated to drop Jan. 15 for $29.99, the headphones also feature high-fidelity sound and a hands-free microphone that’s compatible with most cell phones that play music. We know, we know—as if your regular headphones aren’t doing enough damage to your ear drums. But, what can we say? They’ve got a dope name.—Chris Yuscavage

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