The Goods: Hit The Jersey Shore On Your iPhone

Forget that it’s the middle of winter: The Jersey Shore is where it’s at! So what if Fantasia’s new reality show Fantasia For Real debuted on VH1 last night? Keep it really real: Your favorite new reality show this season is, without a doubt, MTV’s Jersey Shore. The sun! The beach! The Situation! To celebrate the success of the new reality series (you know MTV is gonna run this idea back next summer, right?), iPod/iPhone app developers Tingalin released an app this week called The Jersey Shore Party app. For just 99 cents, it allows you to check out cool Jersey Shore pick-up lines, turn your iPhone into a glow stick (uhhh…?) and, most importantly, generate your very own Jersey Shore nickname. ’Cause let’s face it: Whether you’re from the ’hood, the ’burbs, the sticks or anyone in-between, everyone needs a Jersey Shore nickname. Two fist-pumps to that!—Chris Yuscavage

Peep this video to see how the app works: