The Goods: How To Start Collecting ‘Rock Band’ Royalties

The other day, we revealed that it sounds like DJ Hero 2 will be dropping sometime later this year. If you can’t wait that long to get excited about a music-related video game (or you just have a really awesome garage band that is totally about to get its big break!), get your ax (your real one, not your Rock Band one) and head over to the Rock Band Network on Xbox 360. Developer Harmonix is currently running open beta registration for the Rock Band Network that allows you to upload songs directly to the network. Rock Band fans can then listen to the songs for free and, sometime in the future, the best ones will be made available for sale for the Rock Band game on the network. It doesn’t sound like it’s particularly easy to get a song uploaded to the network at this point. But, then again, that may actually be a good thing if Harmonix is trying to keep every local garage band off the grid for now. Knock yourself out here––and don’t forget about us when you make it big. ––Chris Yuscavage