The Goods: Microsoft Zune Phone on the Way?

Note to cell phone makers: People really (really, really, really, really, really) love their iPhones. Which is why, if you want to get them to use something else, you’re gonna have to do more than tell them that the iPhone gets spotty 3G coverage. Though the Microsoft Zune MP3 player was impressive when it first dropped, the truth is that it never really came close to unseating the Apple iPod as the go-to Mp3 player. Yet, there are some rumors floating around out there that Microsoft may be releasing a Zune phone sometime in the very near future (possibly as soon as this summer when Apple could, theoretically, be releasing their next version of the iPhone). Anyway, details are still sketchy at best, but the long-rumored Zune phone is said to include the brand-new Windows Mobile 7 as well as a 5.0-megapixel camera. Stay tuned for more details. We’re sure they’ll be out as soon as the latest celebrity Twitter addict gets a minute. ––Chris Yuscavage

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