The Goods: Will YouTube Replace Netflix?

Probably not. Well, at least not yet. So you can’t watch Transformers 2, Star Trek or, hell, Citizen Kane. But, as of today, YouTube is offering five movies for rental. And they’re all from, you guessed it, independent filmmakers. But while the selection is pretty limited at this point (the five films are all taking part in the Sundance Film Festival this year), there were some early talks between YouTube and a host of movie studios last year, including Sony, Warner Brothers and Lionsgate, according to the New York Times. So feature films could be coming to Netflix soon. There’s also plans to add fitness and health-related videos in the near future, too, but for now, YouTube viewers can “rent” any of the five indie films for $3.99 and pay through Google’s Checkout online payment service. YouTube will also be launching a program called “Filmmakers Wanted” soon that will allow filmmakers to create movies for YouTube and charge whatever they want. Not a bad look for them.—Chris Yuscavage